About us

CARE Doulas is a nonprofit organization that provides doula services to women who may not otherwise be able to access the invaluable service, in the wider Calgary area.
The organization works with both trainee and experienced doulas to provide professional doula support services. We partner with social services centres such as the Calgary Pregnancy Care centre who refer pregnant women to the organization.

OUR VISION  is emotionally safe birth experiences, empowered mothers and healthy babies. 

OUR MISSION   is to provide professional doula services to women at risk.

To achieve this mission, our core strategies are to:
Inform and educate the social services sector on the value of doula services
Train and mentor doulas in gaining skills to work effectively with pregnant women at risk.
Collaborate with social service organizations, healthcare services {etc/other} to better serve pregnant women at risk.

"Women who cannot afford to hire a doula are often placed in situations in which it is nearly impossible for labor to progress in a way that isn't traumatizing." - Ina May Gaskin

Our values and beliefs 

  • Birth is a profound event in the life of a woman and has an inevitable power to change her life.
  • We believe that with information and trust of their own intuition woman are the best decision makers for their care.
  • Doulas never replace, but compliment any other members of a womans support team.
  • Doulas never speak for, but guide and encourage women to speak for themselves.
  • Doulas' support is non judgemental and unconditional of life circumstances.
  • We value diversity and respect a mother's cultural and spiritual beliefs.


Executive Committee

Alison Patenaude 
Founder and Executive Director

Alison has been a doula for 16 years.  A large part of her career has been serving at-risk women. She is passionate about women having the right support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. CARE Doulas is a true life calling on her doula work. Alison is active in the birth community in Calgary and is also a wife and mother of 5 children.



Advisory Committee

Calgary CARE Doula has an advisory committee comprised of highly experienced individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds. They are committed to the cause of Calgary Care Doula and volunteer their time as advisors.

Sharon Storton

Sharon Storton is a registered mental health professional in Canada and the U.S., with a specialty in perinatal mental health, trauma recovery, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. In 2007, Sharon founded Solace for Mothers, Inc., an organization designed to provide support for women who have experienced childbirth as traumatic and education for professionals who care for birthing women.  Her published work includes  University of Calgary M.Sc. thesis – “Internet-Based Peer Support Following Traumatic Childbirth”, “Lessons from Solace for Mothers” – Midwifery Today (2009), “Evidence-Basis for the Ten Steps of Mother-Friendly Care” – Journal of Perinatal Education  (2007), and “Post-Traumatic Stress and Burnout in Healthcare Professionals” CAPPA Quarterly (2004).


Michelle Haywood

From a background in non-profit management, Michelle brings 13 years of experience supporting women and children in need - having worked and volunteered in homeless shelters, resource centres and other organizations serving vulnerable populations. Michelle also brings her passion as a Doula, serving women and their families during childbirth since 2006. 



Olivier Mills
Communications & Marketing

Olivier has over 14 years experience working in non-profit organizations. He is on the executive team of the non-profit CAWST as the Director of Communications and provides srategic direction in communications, marketing and information communication technology. Olivier brings his communication, marketing and IT skills to Calgary Care Doula.